Wi-Fi FAQs

  1. Is there a cost to use the service?

    No, This a free service and there are no registration requirements.

  2. What equipment do I need to use Wi-Fi?

    To use the service, your device (laptop, PDA, cell phone) must be Wi-Fi enabled. Using the Smartway’s Wi-Fi service is similar to connecting with other wireless internet services in cafes, office buildings, or other wireless hotspots. Both PCs and Macs can be used.

  3. How do I connect?

    You may have to connect to the Wi-Fi access point called SmartwayAP1 or SmartwayAP2 depending on where you sit on the bus. For advanced instructions on how to set or modify your Wi-Fi network connections, please consult the manual or contact technical support for your particular wireless device.

  4. What about bandwidth and network speed?

    The Smartway’s Wi-Fi service can accommodate basic internet browsing, checking and sending of e-mails, streaming multi-media, downloads, and file transfers. Due to the characteristics of the cellular network on which it operates, there may be locations where service is intermittent or unavailable. In addition, overall connection speed may be affected by the number of Wi-Fi users on the bus.

  5. Are there any blocked sites or activities, or is this full access internet?

    The current access is open to the entire internet. There are no restricted sites at this time and no filters for content.

  6. Will my internet browsing be monitored?


  7. What kind of firewall or protection do I have when browsing?

    Each user will have the firewall or virus protection unique to their laptop.

  8. What data does Valley Metro record or capture about my internet use?

    Valley Metro is not tracing individual users or their internet use.

  9. Can the bus operator help me if I am having trouble connecting?

    No. Please do not ask the bus operator for assistance. They have not been trained to evaluate and fix internet-related problems. Please consult the manual or contact technical support for your particular wireless device.